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In order to improve the way you communicate, to avoid or smooth out conflicts, to help you find solutions, try mediation to find peace and serenity.

The mediator takes time to listen, to reformulate what is said so that relationships are restored or made more viable again.

It is through constructive dialogue that the mediator makes it possible to find openings that suit all the participants.
He ensures that a constructive dialogue is established so that openings can emanate that are agreeable to all participants.

The mediator does not deny conflicts but takes into account their sensitive aspects and consequences. He tries to create a favorable climate during the talks in order to revive communication and develop the relationship.
He listens sensitively to each person's experiences and backgrounds, but does not choose sides and above all….. he does not judge.

The mediator, through the expertise he brings, is in a way the catalyst that allows the alchemy of the family, of the relationship to recover. By working on communication between the participants, the mediator supports the search for possible solutions so that everyone can come out as a winner in the conflict.

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The neutral structure and the total confidentiality of the mediation meetings allow the expression of facts and emotions, a new openness to a listening and a better understanding of everyone.
If the participants wish, mediation agreements can be drawn up to be homologated by the family court.

Family mediation is still largely unknown to families, couples or people with relationship difficulties. Mediation being very useful, it opens the possibility in a few sessions to get out of crises or to prevent them.

There are, however, many situations where such an intervention would be beneficial. Just as it could be more systematically integrated into the family framework.

There is of course no question of "therapy", which belongs to the field of psychologists. It is about rebuilding bridges between people who can come to mediation in order to have a new, and hopefully more viable, relationship.

As a certified family mediator, I have all too often been able to observe tensions, even the rupture of family ties in a good number of families between brother-sisters, parents-grandparents, parents-children, teenagers, couples, retirees...
In situations of family conflict for example: rights to personal relations, inheritance, end-of-life courses, reconstituted families... which are sometimes so complicated that dialogue with a professional third party may seem the only solution to re-establishing communication.

My task may consist in a first information meeting, individual and confidential, to understand the needs and motives of all concerned. With the agreement of all parties, joint mediation interviews will be organized.


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